10 Ways To Stay Sustainable During Quarantine

Are you feeling devoid of energy during the umpteenth month of quarantine? Are you missing your old routine, and wondering how you can be productive in the confines of your own home? 
We agree that times are tough, and often energy is lacking. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. We’ve taken the time to comprise a list of 10 ways to stay sustainable during quarantine.
The greatest benefit to arise from this pandemic has been the reduction in carbon emissions. The air is cleaner, the oceans are welcoming back critters that haven’t been seen in decades, and the world has slowed down.
Fresh air is extremely important, and we recommend taking advantage of this. Leave the car at home, and take a walk, or a bike ride. The benefits for your mental health, and the planet are both huge.
Turn a negative into a positive. Feel the fresh air, and the warm sun beating off of your face. Be thankful for nature's remedies.
It isn’t the Wal-Mart’s, or the McDonald’s that are facing danger during this pandemic. The panic buying at box stores is not the solution. 
Go online, and look up your local businesses, and see what they’re offering. A lot of these small business owners are working tirelessly on manufacturing with less hands, and delivery services. These are the people that need our support. This is a crucial time for them, and it’s up to us to ensure their survival. Support local. 
Many workers are still out on the frontlines, or working from home, but some of you are waiting for your positions to return with the decline of the virus.
During this time, think about how often you’ve told yourself “I’m too busy to read this book” or “I’m too busy to watch this movie/documentary” . Don’t sit around staring at the clock in boredom praying for the day to end. Believe it or not, I think a lot of people will wish they had taken advantage of a bad situation, when the world returns to normal (well hopefully a new normal).
Read those books that have been collecting dust on your shelf, and watch Netflix. We recommend documentaries on the planet, and ways to protect it. Try The High Seas, Fresh Water, Jungles, or One Planet.
Come out of this more aware, and better educated.
 A great way to stay active is by taking out your old arts & crafts, and making some reusable goods. Get out your yarn, and crochet some reusable coffee sleeves, cotton rounds, or anything else you can think of (look it up online, there’s some great suggestions)
Make some paper straws to keep at home, so that you no longer need them at any restaurants, or coffee shops.
The problem and the solution begin at home.
Don’t grocery shop on an empty stomach, and purchase foods, and beverages that you don’t need. Take a little bit of time out of your day to structure a grocery list that limits waste.
If your local goods, or grocery stores allow reusable bags, always opt for that option. Eat all of the food you buy, and avoid plastic bags.
Before, when you were leaving the house for the day, it was easy to leave the lights, and TV off. Now that you’re home more, you need to watch the amount of power you’re using.
If you’re reading, don’t have the TV on in the background. Use the sunlight for your daytime power. Open up a window, draw the blinds. Leave the lights off, and heat if at all possible.
We understand that you need to use the power throughout the day, but just by limiting the amount, makes a huge difference.
How much do you have lying around the house, that either has never been used, or won’t be used again?
Organize your home office, kitchen, clothes, garage, and any other room in the house that has been begging for some spring cleaning for a long time. 
Keep only what you need, and what you don’t try to recycle, donate, or sell. Not only will this help clean your home, it will help you feel good, and organized. Organization is a surefire way of getting rid of some anxieties.
I know we’ve mentioned biking, and walking, both are great ways to exercise, but not the only way.
Try to give yourself a workout routine at home. Look up different exercises, and make a routine. Even if it’s only 15 or 30 minutes a day. Schedule a time when you can do some yoga, lift weights, or any other number of exercises. 
Keep a routine. By doing this, your day still feels like it's filled with purpose. We need to look after the planet, and ourselves. Our mental health is important.
Take the time to learn more about living green, and participate in discussions. There are many free courses and webinars being offered during this time. Take advantage of these resources, and be proactive.
Earth Shift Global, IFC.org, and eco.ca, are offering free webinars on sustainability. Check them out.
These are strange, scary, and uncertain times. You can take comfort in knowing that we are all feeling that way. But try not to let the negative steal the blue out of the sky. Enjoy the time with your family, hold your children, or siblings, parents, or significant others tight.
Smile, be happy, and be productive.
This won’t last forever.
SEAAV Writer - Eric Johnson

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